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Integrating with WebSphere Commerce

Deploy and setup instructions for the Apruve WebSphere Commerce plugin

The plugin is available from our GitHub repository: https://github.com/apruve/apruve-websphere

  1. Add the ZApruvePaymentPlugin project to the list of projects you extract.
  2. In case your extract script is not pulling all struts config xmls, make sure you add struts-config-apruve.xml to the list.
  3. Modify Build & Deploy and add ZApruvePaymentPlugin.jar to list of EJB modules. This will be one of the projects in your workspace.
  4. If your script is not including all acp xmls under acp/common, include acp/common/ApruveACPolicy.xml.
  5. Manually run sqls under sql/common/Apruve.sql.

    Important: Only run this script once!

  6. Import certificates:
    • Go to the WAS Admin console
    • Expand the Security menu and click on SSL certificate and key management
    • Click Key stores and certificates on the right side of the screen
    • Click NodeDefaultTrustStore
    • Click Signer certificates on the right side of the screen
    • Click the Retrieve from port button at the top of the page
    • Fill in the following info:
      1. Host: aprvdev.zobristinc.com(host name of the webhook url given in merchant site)
      2. Port: 443
      3. SSL configuration for outbound connection: NodeDefaultSSLSettings
      4. Alias: aprvdev.zobristinc.com
    • Then click the Retrieve signer information button below the Alias input box
    • Review then click the OK button
    • Click Save at the top the page
    • Restart your app server

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Integrating with WebSphere Commerce

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