Getting Started with Apruve

We’re working hard to make it easy for you to offer Apruve as a payment option on your e-commerce website. We’ve broken it down into two steps:

  • The Apruve Store (a.k.a. your Merchant Account)
  • The Technical Integration

Creating a Store

Need a test account?

Contact us to get started.
This is a complete, fully-functional copy of Apruve, except that no bank accounts are ever charged. This means you can kick the tires and complete the integration with your e-commerce store in a safe environment with no risk to you or your customers.

User accounts, passwords, and stores on <> are entirely separate from the main website. Test Bank Accounts are also available so you can play around without using your real bank account. See Accounts and Keys for more details.

Ready for the real thing?

Once you are confident that the integration between your e-commerce store and Apruve is behaving properly, you can contact us create a Store on Stores created on are live stores and process real bank accounts.

The Technical Integration

Your production environment will communicate with But your technical staff can start working on integration at any time by creating an account on our sandbox site,

Use a Popular E-Commerce Platform?

We provide ready-to-use plugins/extensions for some of the more popular e-commerce platforms. In some cases, enabling Apruve is as easy as clicking a few buttons in your e-commerce platform.

Custom Website?

Even if you have a completely custom website, Apruve is easy to integrate. In simple cases, a working Apruve button can be on your checkout page in a matter of a few minutes. But even in the most complex scenarios, you can be up and running in days, rather than months.

With apruve.js, you can have the Apruve button on your website in a matter of hours, and we provide sample code in several languages to help you integrate your order management.

To get started, head over to our Merchant Overview for a quick rundown of how a custom integration will work.

Need More Help?

Don't know the difference between SSL and REST? We can connect you with someone who does. Just drop us a line at [email protected].