Accounts and Keys

User Roles

There is only one kind of user in the Apruve system. Your role is determined simply by how you participate in a particular transaction. For any given transaction, there are three different roles:

ShopperThe person shopping for products or services, and clicking the Apruve button during checkout.
PayerThe person who will be reviewing and paying for the transaction.
MerchantThe person who owns the store. is a complete clone of All data and user accounts are separate.

The only difference is that no money will ever change hands on It exists only as a test environment that can be used for exploring how Apruve works, or by software developers who are integrating stores or developing applications that connect to Apruve. We even provide the ability to create test bank accounts.

It is possible to set up both merchant and buyer profiles on the same account. The only requirement is that you must have a unique email address for each account you create.

ProTip: If you use Gmail (or a Google Apps account), you can easily make multiple Apruve accounts by adding "+something" to your address. If your address is [email protected], you can create accounts like [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]. Emails sent to any of these addresses will show up in your inbox.

API Keys

Apruve uses API Keys for authentication against our web services. An API Key is a substitute for your username/password and can be used to provide automated access on your behalf (such as your store, if you are a merchant). Because they provide access to your Apruve data, API Keys should be treated like any other password and kept secret.

Because it allows a system to access your data on your behalf, an API Key is associated with your user profile. We recommend creating a unique API Key for each system/store that you integrate with Apruve.

Using your API Key

All your API requests to Apruve should include an Apruve-Api-Key header that contains your API key:

Apruve-Api-Key: f5fbe71d68772d1f562ed6f598b995b3