Integrating with Shopify with a Private App


Before you begin, you will need the following:

  1. An existing Apruve Merchant Account on either Apruve's test or production
  2. An Apruve API Key associated with your Apruve Merchant Account.
  3. A Shopify Store with a private app enabled.

Whether you want do this on the test server or production server depends on which Apruve server you wish to integrate your Shopify store with. For more information, see Accounts and Keys.

If you meet the prerequisites, you can skip the rest of this section and move onto Step 1 - otherwise, please follow the instructions below:

Creating a Merchant Account

If you want to integrate with Apruve's test or production (live) servers, you can contact us to get started. You will receive an email containing a link to confirm the account - you'll need to confirm it before you can move forward and use it.

After your account is created, you can find your merchant_id from the settings page when logged in to Apruve.

Creating an API Key

After you've created and confirmed your Merchant Account, you'll need to create an API Key.

To create an API Key on Apruve's test server, click here

To create an API Key on Apruve's production server, click here

You may be prompted to login before you reach the API Key creation page.

Creating a Shopify Private App

In order to integrate with your Shopify store, you will need to create a private app from the Shopify admin. This creates an endpoint for external services, in this case Apruve, to access categories of your Shopify data that you specify. We recommend you have a single private app dedicated to Apruve, if you already happen to have a private app.

Visit this page for instructions on how to do this.

Note that it does not matter what you name this app, just remember which private app you'd like to use with Apruve for later configuration.

1. Install Apruve Payment Gateway

Log in to Apruve and navigate to settings. From there select "Shopify Configuration" on the side navigation bar.

Shopify Config

Find the link labeled "Install Apruve Payment Gateway" and follow it. Login with your Shopify Admin credentials and select "Install payment provider".

Install Payment Provider

2. Configure the Apruve Payment Gateway

If you are not already on the Shopify payments settings page, navigate there by selecting "Settings" from the main Shopify admin panel, then "Payments".

Scroll down to the "Alternative Payments" section and select Apruve from the drop-down menu.

Then enter your merchant_id and api_key. Consult the top of this page to learn how to find these if you are unsure.

3. Configure your Shopify Admin App

We need to enable read-access for a small subset of your Shopify data in order for Apruve to integrate with your store.

First navigate to the Apps page in your Shopify Admin dashboard and select "Manage private apps" at the the bottom of the page.

Manage Private Apps

From there select the private app that you created earlier for Apruve.

In the section labeled "Admin API" find the section labeled "ADMIN API PERMISSIONS"

Apruve requires read access permissions to two groups: "Fulfillment services" and "Orders, transactions and fulfillments".

Admin Permissions

4. Configure Apruve

Finally we are ready to associate Apruve with your Shopify store. Keep the page from step 3 open, as we will need some of the information on your private app configuration page.

In a separate window log into Apruve and navigate to the "Shopify Configuration" page as before. From their find the fields for Store URL, Shopify API Key, Shopify API Password, and Shopify Shared Secret.

For Store URL, enter the url of your store.

Find the field "API key" in your Shopify private app configuration page. Click the clipboard button next to the text to copy the value. On the Apruve Shopify Configuration page, right click the text area under the field labeled "Shopify API Key and select paste. Do this for the other two values.

Click To Copy

Select save and the configuration is complete!

What's next?

Your connection between Apruve and your Shopify store will not be 100% final until an actual order is placed and we are able to verify the shared secret you entered in step 4 above. To avoid complications be certain that you've entered it correctly. You may reenter it on the Shopify Configuration page in Apruve vefore it is verified.

Pending Integration

After the first order is placed you will be able to see that it was verified successfully or not and have the option to correct it in the latter case

Valid Integration

Other than that, you should be all set!
Your customers will now have the option to pay using an Apruve account during checkout.

Questions or Issues?###

Please feel free to let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.